If it ain’t broke, fix it til it is.

This is a journal.

A journal of a journey with a group of worshippers from a small congregation in Northern Arizona.

The title of this blog comes from a word I felt the Lord gave me several months back.

I lead worship for our church, and one of the frustrating events I often encounter is when during worship I break a guitar string (I lead from behind a guitar).

It has actually become so commonplace we laugh about my guitar string bill.

In my frustration with this the Lord simply said to me …

“Break thru with broken strings”…

Recently I saw a bumpersticker that said “if it ain’t broke, we’ll fix it til it is!”… and this has become the title of this first thread…see our worship was not broke when I took over, it was good, it was consistant, and it was growing.

The reason I took over was mainly because the Lord “graduated” the former worship leaders into full time positions as the Pastors they already were, and the decision to move me into “lead worshipper” was both inspired, and practical I’m sure…I wasn’t the one who made the decision, I simply agreed and suddenly found the joys and frustrations immersing me into the reality that I know very little about what and Whom I love.

At any rate my newfound responsibility began to weigh on me and as I sought the Lord, He kept reminding me in many ways that one of my “beginning” duties was to help our congregation break thru to new levels in worship.

I have no idea what break thru means (I have a religous idea, but thats a little shallow) but I do feel the call to “get thru” the muck and mammon of routine life into the open air of heavens design.

So I/we will journal the journey and see where it takes us.

Maybe we’ll discover break-thru, maybe we won’t, and if we don’t at the very least we’ll have a record of what we did wrong (well, besides the obvious).

There are a ton of good resources available for any leader, so why do a blog?

Well mainly I felt God suggested it, and second, there are not a lot of resources for “small” churches, and frankly I’ve never visited a site where the worship encounter was “blogged” so I decided it was time to obey, and today this will start the process.

Hopefully the worshippers from Canyon Chapel will join, and I hope that if you happen to find this site you will at minimium encounter what we encounter…an awe of the living God.

I do love Jesus….but better yet, He do love me more.



3 thoughts on “If it ain’t broke, fix it til it is.

  1. I like the idea of “fixing” something until it’s broken, because besides the idea of “Break Thru,” I think that God loves broken people, because then he can work on us, and if we don’t come broken, usually he breaks us, but only because he loves us. I know when I feel broken, something good from God (healing, growth, break thru)is moments away.

  2. Nice point Leah.Makes ya kinda wonder how much of our culture of self-preservation keeps us from experincing God on a greater level….usually we avoid broken things, including ourselves.

  3. I’m with you both on the being broken… When David went to basic training for the Air Force, he explained it this way: “They break you down so they can build you up into the man they want you to be and need you to be.” I feel God does the same (not necessarily as painfully), he breaks us down to build us into who He wants and needs us to be. To where we no longer respond and act with our own flesh, but respond as He would respond and act. Just a thought.

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