Still breaking things…

I do get a little tired of cliché’s.


Cutting edge…


You know what I mean.

The phrases we borrow from scripture like “break-thru” (break-thru actually comes from “Baal-Perazim” where David proclaims that God has broke thru upon my enemies-2Sam.5:20) can get a little tired and redundant, and possibly lose motivation for us.

If you get to familiar with something you can be in danger of ignoring its potential, or worse yet you can become so familiar with something you dishonor it by neglect.

Our worship.

The prophetic.

Praying in tongues.

Lets take a quick little aside and look at a couple of very powerful things and see perhaps if we aren’t motivated to stir up the gift within us again.

I just watched a DVD of one of my mentors.

CW Mitchell who is now the president/dean/chief servant of a Samoan Bible school.

His message was both incredibly simple and amazingly profound.

“Pray in tongues and read the word”

Pretty simple message, followed by some pretty radical testimonies about how God has used these simple things to impact both people and cities for the kingdom.

He suggested a rather practical approach to this instruction.

Start with praying in tongues on day 1 for 15 minutes.

Increase it to 30 minutes on day 2.

Day three pray in tongues 45 minutes.

By day 5 he promises you will be praying more than an hour on your own, and the time management issues we all face will not even be an issue.

Day six will come and go and you will be in the plural hours of prayer.

In one week if you do this your life will be RADICALLY changed.

There’s one of our clichés again.


What’s the worse that could happen?

I mean in theory our clichés are already worn out, so a little more isn’t going to do any permanent damage…and what if….

…for once the clichés were all we had to express the types of change we began to experience?

Radical Prophetic Break-thru….

Many of us are facing life weary challenges that have the potential of wearing out our faith.

Some simple biblical exercises might be just the ticket:

Jude 1:20 “But ye, beloved, building up yourselves on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Ghost.”

2Tim.1:6 “Wherefore I put thee in remembrance that thou stir up the gift of God, which is in thee by the putting on of my hands.”

I’m still breaking guitar strings.

Last Sunday was one of the hardest walls I’ve ever encountered in worship.

I don’t really care anymore.

I bought three packs of strings today…in preparation.

I have determined that the harder worship gets, the more abased I will become.

The more resistance I encounter, the more determined and unrelenting I will be.

Clichés or no clichés we will have break thru.

Bring it.

How about if instead of strings we start breaking the routine?

The mundane.

The predictable?

What would happen if you broke out of the daily grind for a minute and met with the Creator on His terms?

Think your cliche’s would matter?

One of two things will happen, either God will invade your life, or you can cross something off your list of things you’ve tried.

If I were a betting man I’d bet on God.

Place your bets…its gonna get extreme.