What if…

I broke another string last night during our prayer and worship meeting…

It is frustrating because it breaks the flow of worship for me and as a leader I want an unbroken flow to continue…

So I paused long enough to retune the guitar… (When one string breaks the tension or lack there-of affects ALL the strings)…and continued to play minus the “d” string…

Bob asked me if I was now breaking different strings on the Taylor than I did on the Martin and the answer is yes…

So we muddled through…continuing to take ground in spite of the resistance.

When you break a guitar string, and re-tune and then continue to play it is a very strange experience because your fingers are trained to expect a certain amount of resistance from the strings, when no string is there the lack of resistance makes you think you are playing a wrong chord or that you have misplaced your fingers, which is not true.

So if you can imagine what is going on in my head, I am trying to navigate in the spirit what I see the Father doing (it was evangelism prayer last night), and I am also trying to tune into the “Song of the Lord” (a very old phrase that lacks replacement) and spontaneous worship working with the musicians and hoping we are all on the same page, all the while feeling like my left hand is in the wrong place, which it was not.

When I get to this place where things are completely out of my grasp, it is here that the heart takes the lead.

My heart will ignore my head which says the hand is being rebellious.

The heart will ignore the sounds which might be dissonant and will drive for worship and praise in spite of what my ears might be interpreting.

It becomes worship driven from the heart because all other elements seem to be fracturing or at best out of sync.


What if every string I break represents the soul of a family that God is capturing?

What if every broken string signifies a household returning to the Lord?

I may never know for sure this side of heaven…but I’m willing to break them all if it means others come to know Him and the power of His resurrection.

Still breaking strings.


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