Ovecoming Evel with good.

Romans 12:21-“Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.”

I think it is prophetically significant that the man formerly known as “Evel Knievel” has come to experience the love of God as demonstrated in Jesus Christ.

You can read about his experience here in Christianity Today.

Apparently thru the testimony of Robert (“Evel”), there we about 500-800 people baptised or rededicating thier lives following his story.

I am not sure of the specific significance, but he will be 70 years old next year.

70 IS significant especially in reference to the captivity of Israel in Babylon.

Regardless, I think it is wonderful that the prayers of the saints have coincided with the destiny of Gods design in saving this man.

We should be celebrating.

Evel has been overcome by Gods goodness.