The election

Many Christians are wondering what the outcome of the election means to us, how will it affect us, what should our response be?

Well without hesitation our first duty is to pray for those in authority that we may live quiet and peaceable lives, and so that the gospel will have liberty.

Regardless of who steps into leadership we are called to support them, honor them and pray for them. Whether or not they are godly, qualified, or men and women of character has nothing to do with our response, we should pray sincerely for their success and the peace of our country.

Sounds like your dodging the question Mark, what do you really think?

here’s what I really think;

Who we choose as a leader reflects on how effective we have re-presented Jesus to our culture.

In this last election we were given the choice between John McCain and Barak Obama, both men have claimed to have faith in Jesus Christ, and so in a general sense the option presented to the vast populace was the choice between a Democratic Christian and a Republican Christain, neither of which made faith a policy plank in their campaigns. For the general population what they saw was two supposed Chrisitain men slugging it out and getting dirty in a mean spirited campaign for the Oval Office.

There are quite possibly a number of people who will die thinking that these men represent the followers of Jesus, but both were powerless to unite and powerless to re-present Jesus in any meaningful way.

Obamas church suffers under Liberation theology, and cannot imagine a God who does not see life as the Black Church see’s it. McCain’s faith was what helped him get through Viet Nam and the captivity he suffered, but it was the faith of last resort.

I am in no way dissing either mans faith, what I am describing is how the general public must have seen faith in this election.

Faith in the 2008 election was primarily seen as a private matter and in no way a significant platform for national change.

And here is the great illusion…many including myself fasted and prayed for specific righteousness and a manifestation of Gods Kingdom in the election process, and many woke up feeling as though faith had let them down, primarily because the hot button issues that Christians focus on seem in serious jeopardy due to Obamas record of pro-abortion legislation.

But before we fall into the delusion of the devils agenda, lets not loose our confidence, nor waver in our confession.

Gods Will, will be done.

We will see the Kingdom of God manifest, and we will see the tide of abortion ended.

I have that confidence from my Father, and I know without a doubt that is His will.

So where do we go from here, and what about stuff like the economy and the far left socialistic agenda?

The Kingdom answer is now more than ever God wants to prosper His children, what a better background for the testimony of Gods provision can you have than to see your needs met while all around you are losing financial ground?

Its the perfect time for a Kingdom Manifestation of Gods ways, and His Grace, and we get to re-present Jesus to our neighbors and cities and to the general population who will soon grow tired of awesome speeches and partisan pay-offs, what they need is a government bigger than the one being represented in Washington, a government that knows no poverty, no sickness, and no selfish infighting.

The history of our family is that we shine the brightest when the governments of our world fail the worse…think about Daniel, or Joseph, think about Paul before Herod, or John the Apostle leaving the political prison of Patmos with a revelation of the King of Kings.

That is our pedigree, that is our culture, and that is the government that will see no end.

So whats the practical side of this?

Well in my spirit I see a generation of men coming out of this that will be able to speak to nations…think about it, the old prophets usually spoke to NATIONS, we can barely get on t.v., but that is fixing to change.

In my prayers I am praying for Obama, that he will become filled with the Holy ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues, and his inner man will be completely transformed by the grace of Jesus Christ, I am praying that he receive angelic visitation, and that the Lord himself visit him in the White House…do you really think he could destroy Gods babies once he meets God face to face?

I am dedicating to pray and fast until it happens.

So think about it…what position would your faith be in right now if you knew without a doubt that the Angel of the Lord, and major Prophets were on assignment to visit the new President? That God had a plan to bring transformation to an entire segment of our population who has sold out their hearing ear to Obama?

Frankly the idea makes me excited…is anything to hard for God?