Transformers…no not the science fiction kind…

Part of my education as a worship leader is in the realm of audio equipment…why you ask?

Well in the Tabernacle of David (the only Tabernacle that God said he would restore) they had twenty four seven worship and in order for that to happen they had a lot of worshipers (somewhere in the neighborhood of 8000) and in those worship leaders/teams there was a mandate that you had to make your own instrument and part of my instrument (besides the guitar and other instruments I play) is technology…so I’ve been studying up on audio gear for the last 5-6 years.

There’s some pretty cool new stuff, but a lot of the really great old equipment was designed by a Missionaries son named Rupert Neve.

Neve gear sells on ebay at incredible premiums, and there are a lot of gear guys that are trying to copy his designs, there’s just something really great about the gear he designed. (I do not know if he is a believer but he is a highly successful businessman and much sought after for his designs)

One of the things that Rupert Neve discovered and really developed was the use of “transformers” in his audio gear.

Transformers are everywhere, because of the nature of electricity most of your stuff actually runs on DC voltage, the computer you are using converts the AC from the wall into DC through the use of the power supply, which is really nothing much more than a specific kind of transformer that does this job very well.

Here’s whats cool about transformers…electricity goes into one side of a transformer and back out the electric cord completing a circle or “circuit”…but transformers use a law that God has built into nature called “inductance” and while the original electrical current might not be useful, the transformer is able to create a completely new electrical current because the original current “induced” the electrons on the other side to react…the new current is completely independent of the original current, it happens on an isolated side all by itself (it does need the original current to induce the electrons).

Pretty cool huh?

Well I think its cool, and Rupert Neve must have thought it was cool because he designed some very wonderful audio gear that uses transformers on the microphone signal and on the output signal…he used them all over the place.

So whats the point?

Well if you look around the kingdom you see this law at work quite a bit…

“Where sin abounded grace abounds more…” how is that even possible?

Think about it, you got a lot of sin, and here God is saying there will be even more grace…kinda like transformers…you can actually create a higher voltage by the way they are wound…so God uses the law of inductance to invade where sin seems to be a problem…

Its not simply about opposite’s its also about something being transformerd from one thing to another…you were darkness….now you are light…you were aliens now you are of the Household of faith, you were sinners now you are saints…I could go on, but I won’t.

“I beseech you brethren by the mercies of God that you present your bodies a living sacrifice which is your reasonable service of worship, and be not conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your minds that you may be able to prove what is the acceptable, perfect, and good will of God” Romans 12: 1


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