How the world works

I have come to the clear and unmistakable conclusion that the world we live in is designed to be lived in by faith.

First of all, it is a world full of mystery, there is no one person on the planet who is able to answer all the mysteries that life holds out, and in order for us to make it all make sense we need some sort of adjustment to our reality, this adjustment comes to us in the form of faith.

Now regardless of if you are science oriented or religion oriented, you must hold certain aspects of our world system in tension to the reality you walk in and the ONLY way to do that is thru faith, you simply choose to believe a reality exist that you cannot possibly prove.

This is the core essence of how faith works, believing in a reality that you are unable to prove at the moment, be it a healing, a breakthrough, or a scientific hypothesis at some level you choose to believe in a reality that has no substance in this moment in time…and your faith becomes the substance that brings the unproved into your reality.

Ever wonder why as a species we have the need for everything to make some sort of sense? And when things do not make sense to us, or violate our sensibility, we turn to some sort of faith, or project the tension into the unknown and mysterious thru the use of faith.

Everyone knows the argument about the origin, where did the very first crystal come from or the very first molecule that formed the basis for the big bang or whatever you believe?…at some point everyone has to admit that there is a realm beyond our capacity to understand and how you deal with that realm absolutely REQUIRES you to use faith…faith in science or faith in God, once you get past the edges you are left to responding by faith in something.

And this is how God designed the system to work.

If you are on this planet, you will be required to operate in faith, you may not like that, or you may disagree, but it makes no difference it is a reality of the world you live in.

So knowing that admission to the planet requires some degree of faith, what does that imply about God?

He apparently likes faith…His planet, His decision, you can love it or hate it but you get no say in it, His rules and His rule.

So the obvious conclusion is this, faith is a commodity that God values, He actually requires it of everyone who is born on the planet…so what are you doing to grow in faith?