Sometimes the natural world is a reflection of things in the spiritual. Take for instance our planet and the way we orbit our Sun, as well as having things in our own orbit…sometimes the rotation and interaction of the planets can be a metaphor for how we are existing.

Now mind you I have no place for astrology, I believe that is a bunch of malarky created for people who do not know how to trust God, however God did write in Genesis that the stars and planets would be for signs to us…

I recently began to think about eclipses and how powerful they can seem, especially if you do not know the natural order they play out in, think about something having the power to block out the light of the Sun and how that might affect an uninformed paradigm.

But what is an eclipse (thinking lunar here)?

It is when a lifeless, waterless, gravitational object blocks out the light, warmth, and illumination that would normally be a part of everyday life.

How many times do we allow jobs, relationships, expectations, finances, elections, schedules, etc…block out the warmth, and revelation that we would normally enjoy?

If you understand what the moon is, it should be clear that its only power is in keeping its own orbit and in reflection, it has no power to create light or feed life, even its gravity if you are on it is an unstable environment that you cannot trust.

Perhaps we should just look out at our sky and see what exactly is keeping the light of the Son from reaching us, what is it that prevents us from experiencing new revelation, what has kept us in an unstable gravity and what is the lifeless, waterless object of our attention that needs to move out of our orbit?

Have you bought into a certain mindset or teaching that keeps you from experiencing a deeper revelation?

Are you addicted to an expectation that prevents the Lord from moving in your life except upon the conditions you have established?

Is there a lifeless relationship that no matter how you try keeps you from feeling the warmth of Gods love today and every day since you can remember?

Maybe the job you are in only meets you with a dry, waterless and unstable gravity, that never allows you to see your true calling and purpose…

Regardless of the conditions you are over shadowed with ANY eclipse is temporary and eventually the big lifeless rock moves out of the way…

Hope smiles even in the dark of an eclipse…


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