Our Prophetic Identity

Recently I had one of those “Ohhhhh….” moments…you know the instant something suddenly makes sense, like the cogs falling into place and the gates opening up when you say the right magic password.

I have been reviewing my journals for the last few months because I noticed some things coming round that I had completely dismissed and forgotten about and when I recognized them I realized they were in my journal as prophetic words/prayers/events.

As I reviewed my prophetic history it dawned on me that God was very consistent, and He always remembered what he had said to me before…like “duh”…that is so obvious…maybe to you but not to me, I tend to see shadows and silhouettes rather than the things right in front of my nose.

So here’s what I am discovering…God speaks to us about who we are in the future and then refuses to acknowledge any other identity we may try to walk in. There is a distinct conflict between our prophetic identity and our current personality, usually manifesting in negatives and problems.

I am beginning to see that this is what means when scripture tells us to put on Christ, or put on the new man, the bible is pointing us towards an identity that is recognized in heaven, but perhaps not so manifest in our daily walk…and I am seeing that this is actually one of Gods “ways”, it is how He approaches us and if we fail to see it we will miss it completely.

I can see He deals with all the saints in scripture this way, He speaks of their favor, their authority and intimacy with Him, and then He refuses to recognize any other version of them that they may want to fall back on.

God always see’s us from the perspective of our prophetic identity, and NOT our current personality, and whats more, ALL of the resources that accompany that prophetic assignment are connected to that person as seen in heaven.

So if you pray from a negative personality, there will be a distinct disconnect from the resources and function of heaven in your life because God has spoken over you a particular identity and He will refuse to hear any other persona…thats right I said He will refuse to hear any other persona, especially when He WANTS TO GIVE us everything we need, he will refuse to give it to the negative persona that we might manifest because it is in direct conflict with the person He declares from the future.

All prophecy is simply a picture from your future of what God see’s and what is possible if you will believe.

So the challenge is how do we grow into the prophetic person that is seated right now and known in heaven?

I’ll tell you….just not right now.


2 thoughts on “Our Prophetic Identity

  1. God has placed us in convenant family of Promise, His Promise faithfully kept. One of the functions of a healthy family is to encourage and support each other in words, worship, prayers, and visions shared.

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