Easter Prophecy 4/5/2010

This is a prophecy I received from the Lord during my recent Easter prayer time:

There are no accidents in my kingdom. There is no such thing as a “random event” everything in your life is intentional from me. When I tossed the stars up into the night sky it was not “random” it was not haphazard or unintended, it was planned and purposed, it was designed and a delight, so if the placing of the stars in the heaven was not random or accidental, how can you suppose that any event in your life is random or an “accident”, are you not more important to me than the stars which are not eternal?

Everything in your life is intentional from me and everything in your life is useful to me. The world provides “insurance” for accidents and unintended events, but I do not need insurance since I give you “assurance”, assurance that with each and every event there is a pocket of provision tucked away waiting to be used by you for just such an occasion.

These pockets of provision are filled with, faith, hope and love for every event, and every eventuality.

I haven’t left you as orphans with no provision for your daily needs, I couldn’t possibly leave you alone, it is absolutely IMPOSSIBLE for me to abandon you, I would have to tear the fabric of my very nature in order to abandon you, and since I have already torn my nature on the cross there is never ever a need for me to be torn again. This is so you will never ever need to experience me forsaking you; I cannot forsake you anymore than I could now forsake myself.

The dreams you have in your heart…these are from ME!!! I placed them there for you to enjoy, delight in and experience in the fullness of joy…but you have barely scratched the surface of those dreams, you have barely left a fingerprint on those dreams why are so you hesitant to believe that I have given them to you and want you to enjoy them? What is this poverty of asking that is so prevalent in your heart?

I want you poor in spirit not in a poverty spirit and the reason for being poor in spirit is so I can fill you up with myself. The things you imagine as most wonderful are simply the top of the iceberg of my purpose rising out of your subconscious, the real heaviness, the real depth of my dream for you lies well beneath the surface of your experience.

I call you to dream large with me; I call you to dream big with me I call you to dream huge of me. I call you to dream with me and dream of me. You have dreams of me, that I would be a Father, that I would be a lover, that I would be a redeemer, but even those dreams are far below the reality of who I am and only form a faint outline of my shadow in your world, I am so much larger than your dream of me, it cannot be apprehended by your natural mind, you need an anointing to dream just to see the dream in the first place.

I long to bring the substance of who I AM into you very soul, I long to bring the substance of WHO YOU ARE to the surface of your experience, so that you become enraptured and in awe of all I AM and all I AM IN YOU.

Your asking reflects the shallow nature of your dreaming, your asking defines the perimeters of your relationship with me and you barely ask for anything at all, why is that? Do you think I will say “no”????, did you not hear me when I wrote it down for eternity that everything is “Yes and So be it”????

I wrote in my word so that it would go into eternity with you that anything you could ask or think, even beyond you ability to dream is “Yes and Amen”…yet so far you have barely asked anything of my graciousness, barely anything of my nature, and know without a doubt I am a giver and the very spirit of giving, it defines a part of who I am to give. I give because I am a giver and for no other reason than I love to give.

Ask of me and I will give you the nations, ask of me and I will give you the world, for the promise to papa Abraham that he would be heir of the world was not based on his performance or his ability to dream, it was based purely on his response when he said “yes” to my dream for him…and this became the source of his eternal righteousness, the yes to me when I told him my dream for him.

So if you want to be like your papa Abraham you need to learn to say “yes” to my dreams for you, you need to say yes to the impossible, the improbable, even what might feel like the “improper”, it will almost feel inappropriate for you to ask of me the dreams I have placed deep within your soul so dig them out and ask knowing that my heart is always “yes” to you.

I want to give you “grand” things, it should be like children circling the toys in the catalog right before Christmas in your heart, for I tell you before Christmas comes I AM, I AM the heart and spirit of Christmas, the giving and the hope, the joy the abundance of laughter, the fun and the delight that is all of Christmas is a normal day in my house. It should be a normal day for you to have a hard time going to sleep because you are so excited about what I am doing and giving you tomorrow.

This is how I want you to live… as little children so rowdy with expectation that you wake up the world with your joy. I want you to live in the giving goodness of my nature that is so extravagant you become inebriated with my love and my blessing on your life. That’s right I want you drunk and giddy with joy, laughing so hard your sides hurt for I am a funny God, I created humor and laughter and I know how to laugh and want to teach you the joy of laughing with me…not the nervous laughter of embarrassment, no I want you to laugh the laugh of joy and sweetness so profound you actually cry with tears of joy, as a matter of fact the ONLY tears I want you to have are the tears of laughing so hard you beg me to stop.

This is where I live in the space between laughter and joy, and I have never had a depressed thought or a “down” moment in my existence and even the cross was a pleasure for me, the pleasure of paying for your dreams and the pleasure in my Son for becoming the payment for your dreams and think about this, if my son became the payment for your dreams, then what is owed on them? Nothing.

So know that your hopes your dreams have been paid in full and when he said “It is finished” the final payment for your life was made in full and the Holy Spirit immediately took the title deed of your life and sealed it with a kiss to preserve it until you could come to me and experience all I have dreamed for you. It was my pleasure to bruise the Son for you…for I knew that he would do it “right” and by doing it right then His “rightness would be your righteousness once again and that righteousness would be a righteousness that would be worthy of heaven since it originated in heaven.

Did you know that the righteousness you now have originated in heaven? And since it came from heaven it is always welcome in heaven. Did you know that the righteousness you now have is not only welcome in heaven but guarantees you access to my Throne, and not only to the Throne but also to everything the Throne stands for?

The righteousness I have given you grants you full access to all of heavens resources, from the court room to the storehouse, everything is yours.

Did you know that the righteousness you now have grants you access into the court room of heaven where you can obtain full restraining orders and punitive damages upon the enemy? You can make demands for restoration of everything that has been lost or stolen from time to things, including relationships, dreams, toys and people.

You can make demands for restoration because now you are righteous and you can now ask for “damages” to be repaid and I will insure that your claims are enforced, I actually have “enforcing angels” who’s primary duty is to exact payment from the enemy for all that he has stolen from you. This is what is known as “declaring to principalities and powers, making known in the heavenlies and the judgment written which is in fact your heritage as my child. And I long to hear you make these demands on me and my throne.

To long has the enemy held sway over the kingdoms of this world, to long has the enemy polluted my planet with his lies and hypocrisy, to long has the enemy enslaved my children with depression and apathy, and to long have the letters of his judgment sat idle while he exploited my family.

Vengeance is mine, and it is a day vengeance I want to give you, not a vengeance on the sons of men, but instead a vengeance on the enemy of your soul and I want to give you a day of anger, and wrath and tribulation upon the kingdom of darkness it is only fair since this is what he has given my children for so long.

I want you to trouble the trouble-maker, depress the depressor, I want you to harass the harasser, I want you to defang his lies and lie in wait for his schemes so you can turn every one of his weapons back against him. This is the purpose of my vengeance, to exact damages and retribution for every rape, for every lie for every murder for every stolen blessing, for every broken promise or shattered dream for every wound and disease I WANT MY VENGENCE UPON THE ENEMY!!!

And vengeance will look like a miracle to you. It will appear glorious, it will seem as the sun rising from a long dark dream and your soul will breathe freely again. Vengeance is glorious and it is joy and it is food for your soul. For the weary one, I will make their enemies food for their soul. The beat down and tired will find new strength as I prepare a table for them right in the midst of their enemies, and the feast they enjoy will be the victory I give.

So prepare your heart and wash your hands of double-mindedness have a single eye for the victory and not defeat, for this is a battle you cannot lose, for I have already won it. I have already won the battle for the miraculous, I have already won the battle for provision, I have already won the battle for love and relationships and all you have to do is simply stand and receive.

And this standing I call you to is not like the isolated standing of a solitary guard in the night watches, no the standing I call you to is to stand in the winner’s circle to receive the prize. Like an Olympic champion standing on the winners block to receive the gold medal I call you to stand and receive the prize that was purchased for you when it was finished long ago. It is not by your might, it is not by your strength, it is not even by your power, but it is purely by my Spirit that I grant you the victory.

And with every grant there is a resource, resources from heaven to accomplish my dream for you.

And my dream for you is far grander than any dream you could imagine, it is far more fun, far more joyous and much more intimate than you could ever imagine or hope.

I know you. I know exactly what you need. I know exactly how to give it and I enjoy giving it to you, one of my favorite things to do is to give you the dream I have and watch joy invade you life as you run to it.

So enter into my joy, the joy I had with my son and the foundation of the world, enter into the joy of my rest in the complete and total victory that is my dream for you