101 Dreams

Recently listened to some seriously good bible teachers talking about dreams, the first one described how we are all Gods dreams, that each one of us represents a dream that God had and we are now a fulfillment of something from His heart. The second teacher talked about the difference between slaves and sons, and one of the primary differences is that son’s dream, and they dream with their Father.

So it got me to dreaming again…the teacher (Danny Silk) talked about the Lord requiring him to write down 100 of his dreams, and what amazed me is that there were a lot of items on his list that God had already let him do…


…without any further ado…

…here’s my list…

…(it only goes to 76 right now)…

  1. Spend a week in Paris with my best friend (taking applications)
  2. Release 3 worship CD’s and 3 secular CD’s
  3. Kill a lion and a bear like David (Ok they will need killing and I will not do it exactly like David)
  4. Spend 2 weeks sailing and living in a sailboat
  5. Travel to Scotland and Ireland and visit revival sites
  6. Write a love song that makes women cry and gets used in a great movie
  7. Do sand art at a Holy Spirit Conference
  8. Take my kids (all of them) to Hawaii for a week
  9. Heal Cancer 100% of the time and see it cured in my lifetime
  10. Invent a new musical instrument
  11. Create a mixed medium art exhibit and have a show
  12. Prophesy over a nation
  13. Write a classic Christian book that changes millions of readers
  14. Heal a blind person
  15. Create a new way to store information
  16. Go to the Holy Land
  17. Spend a few weeks in Apai (New Zealand)with Pastor Mitchel teaching in his Bible School
  18. Meet and pray/prophesy over Peter Gabriel and Sting
  19. Witness to Madonna
  20. Go on a hunting trip in Australia and learn to really use a boom-a-rang
  21. Create a gourmet dish
  22. Grow my own coffee where I live
  23. Do a prophetic worship conference with my kids and covenant kids/family in 10 cities
  24. Prophesy over a President
  25. Own a city block
  26. Direct a music video that breaks the top ten
  27. Write a novel
  28. Write a musical
  29. Ride a train across Europe
  30. Create a new style of chair that is beautiful and extremely comfortable
  31. Create a new fashion style
  32. Discover a planet and have it named after me
  33. Experience a miracle that has never ever been seen before
  34. Give away 5 new cars
  35. Go deep sea fishing with my friends
  36. Cliff dive into the ocean
  37. Own a Jaguar (car)
  38. Write a children’s book series
  39. Release a Christmas album
  40. Develop an easy to make yet comfortable shoe for both third world and western culture
  41. Bring back the popularity of the kilt as a normal fashion
  42. Build a bedroom with moving walls and exotic elements using waterfalls and lights
  43. Record a worship album using indigenous music and recordings from every known musical culture
  44. Own a Harley and go on a motorcycle trip with my Nephew and any of my kids that want to go
  45. Take my Grandkids to Disneyland for a week, (just me and them)
  46. Preach at Bethel
  47. Spend a week with Graham Cooke
  48. Preach at Joseph Garlingtons CHurch in Pittsburg
  49. Record at Abby Roads Studio
  50. See an opera in the Sydney Operahouse
  51. Learn to ballroom dance
  52. Spend a month with Heidi Baker in Mozambique
  53. Visit L’Abri (Francis Scheaffers Commune)
  54. Pray at the grave site of John Lake
  55. Marry a God-filled babe forever
  56. Create a classic piece of audio gear
  57. Learn to speak 3 languages
  58. Release a worship album in a foreign language
  59. Do a mens conference that heals and sets men free
  60. Help release and support 3 women apostles
  61. Give $100,000.00 to Iris ministries
  62. Create a touch phone app that updates and testifies about miracles happening all over the world
  63. Create a multi-media mentoring and training series (discipleship)
  64. Own my own studio with video and audio capabilities
  65. Create a new microphone and speaker technology
  66. Spend the night in an ancient castle somewhere
  67. Give a presentation at TED
  68. Ride in a hot air balloon
  69. Find some buried treasure
  70. Spend a night under the sea
  71. Preach to a people that have never heard about Jesus ever…
  72. Heal an amputee
  73. Worship in Jerusalem
  74. Snorkel in 3 tropical locations
  75. Send 100 orphans to college/or Bible School
  76. Stop a storm

…so you can see some are God dreams some are childhood and some are just things I think are cool…you may think its silly…but I gotta ask…

What do you dream?

Like my oldest grand-child Alden says…“imagining things will make you happy, and maybe they could become real.”