Vintage Wild

Well I’ve never been afraid to take things apart
And that mess there on the table used to be my heart
I took out all the painful stuff and memories of you
And where it once was one well it looks like two
There’s the last time I saw you and how it made me feel
There’s a time or two of sunshine that I think are real
There’s a memory of tobacco and you know I don’t smoke
And I think I was the punch-line in some of your jokes
There’s a place between the pages where my dreams got lost
And there’s a lot of deep religion and an old wooden cross
So I’ve let out lots of feelings and a few diamond rings
And I’ve called in an expert who can find anything
So God you can have it and all these extra parts
And maybe You can fix it like it was at the start.
It was the the idea behind this poem that became “Only in Your Presence” which is truly one of my more popular worship songs…
I was trying to write less “christianese” and more like people really talk, so the poem inspired the line “If You don’t mind broken things You can have my heart”…

Truly don’t feel the way the poem suggest anymore…

But I am still really bad about taking things apart and making a mess of it…

I suppose its the drive to live on the edges of discovery…

…unrelenting inside me…

Like a wind that picks up my sails and sends me across unfamiliar waters to lost islands and unexplored territory…

I am constantly writing, composing, exploring new and old technologies…Leonardo Da Vinci was one of my big influences as a child…Renaissance man was my goal…

I’m not really restless…just to much of a wild branch to be completely comfortable in a domestic vineyard…

Don’t get me wrong, I love the thought of a vintage and long tradition…as long as something wild is allowed to bring a bit of flavor to the barrel…

Vintage wild…

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