Life date

So…its been a couple of years since my youngest left the nest, two of the five get married in the next few months, leaving the baby bird who has flown the coop un-covenanted and near the beach.

But it also leaves a big freaking hole inside my house, my home, my routine…

I’ve been a golden retriever loyal and guarding for over twenty years, never chasing the rabbits in the yard, always sleeping near the end of the beds and now the beds are made and the chew toy conversations are all done on iPhones and Droids…

There’s a huge sucking sound every-time I close the front door when I come home, its the sound of…nothing.

No one here but the ghost of memories and a few high school trophy’s and prom dresses…and me. 

I’m down to “raw” emotions, and memories…because the feedback loop is closed.

I can handle “raw” its not like its my first rodeo, nothing prep’s you for “raw” like the phone call I got when the oldest rolled the explorer with the two youngest in the car and the baby bird learned to fly by going out a window with the help of Angels…that initial information tsunami will forever be etched into my psyche as the primary definition of “raw”…as usual my Keeper was their Keeper and the only loss was a pile of metal and glass that we mistakenly trust with our treasures on a daily basis.

I think my only fear of space travel would be getting cut off from the mother-ship during a space walk and drifting away into empty space…its not like you need volumes of space to experience that, it can happen in the space you’ve lived for the last 18  years.

When they cut the leash so they could run free, it left me in a state of confusion because now I am just as free and can’t remember why we chase rabbits in the first place…and the obvious question is:

“Aren’t you a little old to be chasing rabbits?”

Who gives a rip?

 Besides what am I gonna do sit down on the porch and wait for no one to come home?

So I’ve decided to take a “Life-Date”, you know go on a date with my life, find out a little about myself see if I can hook up with me…

It should be interesting…I’m thinking 40 days as a good Biblical number…

We shall see where the road takes me…and just a warning to the rabbits out there…

No more leashes…


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