My version of stumbleupon…

So this post is just primarily about the kind of things that capture my attention and imagination and focus…

These are the links and things I think about on an average day…its a bit eclectic…but that’s quite normal in my world…

First off is my favorite video of all time, because I want to dance EXACTLY like this:

I have been a big fan of Snow Patrol ever since I heard “Somewhere a clock is ticking”

The ballroom dance thing is one of my dreams, I could watch this video for hours…it inspires me.

Next up and for something completely different is Thorium…yep I am really wondering why we have not been developing nuclear energy using thorium instead of solid fuel rods, it is cheaper, safer, operates at basic atmospheric pressure as opposed to 300 atmospheres required by standard plutonium…the cool thing about thorium is it uses a frozen liquid fluoride salt as a plug and if you have a power outage the plug melts and all the volatile fuel drains into a containment enclosure…and a thorium based reactor would literally use up all of the warhead material we have floating around, it is truly the idea of beating your swords into plowshares…you can’t just throw away nuke materials, this system would use them up and recycle them.

Looking for ways to invest in this for my kids, kids, kids…can you imagine being a bazillionaire because your great-great-granfather invested in a dream?

Next up is the kelp forest:

I like watching th open ocean veiw because it relaxes me and you see really cool things…
 Blog won’t let me post a video here but take the link it’s cool:

Kelp Forest

For something yet wonderful and offbeat “French Onion Stuffed Mushrooms”

Next is my review of Kris Vallotons Book “Spirit Wars” which I read in one sitting and highly recommend…

Spirit wars

Anyway, this is a normal day in my world from dancing and dreaming to recipes and reactors my mind is never still, so I require plenty of prayer time to learn how to be still.


One thought on “My version of stumbleupon…

  1. I love the way you think. I danced as a young girl and on a worship team in college. As an adult I do not have the same physical abilities, but sometimes in worship I think that as we get closer to His throne I just might be able defy gravity as I dance in His presence. This video struck a chord with that. I know it is about romantic love, but that comes from love with God. They are connected. Thank you for all your encouraging words. Sometimes you answer questions I didn't know I had until I read your blog.Blessings,Gwendolyn

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