A beautiful war

There is this amazing verse in 1 Timothy 1:18…where the aged and seasoned Apostle gives the younger apprentice some incredible insight and perhaps if I can stretch your thinking…a “technique” that the enemy would have no defense against.

Recently some of my favorite movies have been the “Kung Fu Panda” movies, I loved both of them for the rich story lines and the humor, they were amazing animations as well…

If you recall the Panda loved Kung Fu, but was ill equipped compared to the other masters and tried to emulate thier styles or “techniques” but eventually had to develop his own style…

Paul tells Timothy : 

This command I entrust to you, Timothy, my son, in accordance with the prophecies previously made concerning you, that by them you fight the good fight”

The King James will say “mightest war a good warfare”

This is where I get the title for this blog…one way to read what Paul says to Timmy, is “take those prophecies and use them to fight a beautiful war”…

Most of the time when we encounter opposition, whether to our dreams or to our total health, we tend to react, start asking questions, look for an escape, complain, or hide…but what God desires is that when we meet the enemy face to face, we put on a show for heaven…we fight a beautiful war…

The tool He has given us to do that is the prophetic quotient that He has deposited beforehand into our lives.

I wonder how many of us will get to Heaven and when God shows us our lives and ask us…”Why didn’t you use Psalm 91 technique when this event happened?” Or “Hey remember when things went south in this relationship? Why didn’t you remember your training and use the “God of Peace” technique there to defeat your opponent?”

What if the prophetic words, verses and dreams God has deposited into your life are actually your own special custom made “fighting technique” that was meant to be witnessed by heaven in a beautiful combat situation?

Let me suggest a few things about the prophetic in your life and see if it helps you re-align your battle stance a bit:

1. Every prophetic statement in your world is a preface of peace..

Think about those words…it is a “Pre-Face” of Peace…God has stepped ahead of you onto the battlefield, looked at your opponent and the terrain and said, 

“You know what he/she will need right here, is “prosperity technique”or “Jujitsu-Joy technique”…maybe they could use some “Grace in the Face” etc …lets go ahead and load that up…and just like in the Matrix  where “Tank” loads up “Neo” with the fighting disc, the Holy Spirit finds the perfect prophetic word you need and loads you up…(or downloads it into your soul, depending on your point of reference).

What that means is you go into battle already prepared, you have all the training needed to insure your victory, and peace is not only the outcome, it is the stance of victory…you have been “prefaced” with His Peace.

2. Every prophetic word in your life is the promise of a different outcome that what you see now…

To God there is no difference between speaking the word and performing it…it requires no more energy or effort on His part to do either…therefore when He speaks it to you, He is giving you the promise that He has already determined a different outcome than the current situation…if He has promised it, then in eternity it is a reality, you just need to bring that outcome into this realm and you do that by believing and standing.

3. Every prophetic event in your life is a guarantee that your personal trainer will be with you in the midst of the conflict teaching you the technique of victory.

Imagine being right in the middle of hand to hand combat with a vicious and ruthless opponent, and right in the heat of the battle a Master Samurai steps next to you and says, “Ok when he does this and such, counter with this move, when he changes his stance here, move into this technique, when he tries to attack you this way, then turn to this style…etc…”

Can you imagine how unfair that would be to hell? But it is exactly how the Kingdom operates, He is right beside you even helping you to pray, because…well we don’t even know how to do that according to Romans 8…but HE DOES!!!

3. The prophetic promise in our life gives us the power to fight a beautiful war…

Pauls use of language in this passage is a direct result of his observing the Roman Army train and stay in shape, Rick Renners book “Dressed to Kill” is an amazing study of the specific language and culture that Paul used to communicate to Timothy the beauty of the battle… but what we cannot fail to see is that his admonition is laid upon us as well, that we HAVE BEEN GIVEN our prophetic quotient so that as we demonstrate faith, steadfastness and peace unto victory we will fight a beautiful war against an ungodly and demonic assault…it isn’t just metaphor or rhetoric, it is an assignment that carries great reward and honor for those who take it up…

I just want to encourage you to dust off the prophetic words in your life…team up with the Holy Spirit and see what technique might emerge that is uniquely you…

My next blog I might go into more detail about HOW to do this…

But frankly you don’t need my help…you have a built in Samurai Trainer who is more than willing to show you “Descending Dove” technique…which is what Jesus used to defeat the Evil Warlord Satan…its a good stance that the enemy has no defense against.


One thought on “A beautiful war

  1. Thank you for describing this in such a wonderful way. I read it to my sons. They have warriors' hearts and are trying to learn in a female lead house how to be that true warrior that is about self sacrifice, doing right, and following the Holy Spirit, not just about violence.My daughter is also a warrior. Just in a different way. She appreciated it too.I love that you see the power and presence of God in everything without the anger and judgement of so many prophetic people. God is right and the world is wrong, but his purpose is redemption. And redemption is complete. Jesus came to give us life and life abundant. We can't put limits on that.Thank you for the encouragement.Blessings,Gwendolyn

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