The Lone Ranger

When I was a kid this was one of my favorite shows, the Lone Ranger riding off into the sunset fixing injustice,,,honestly I never really thought to much about the vigilante nature of his job, but like Robin Hood and other boyhood heroes he was always right because he took care of the disenfranchised.

Then I went to church and discovered that in church culture a “lone ranger” is a bad thing…they are not to be trusted, dangerous and highly suspect, so we taught and were taught how to judge “Lone ranger” ministries.

At this moment there is still a plethora of negative perspective about so called “Lone Rangers”, but I’m beginning to wonder what all the fuss is about?

Noah…pretty much went it alone…gotta check the yes column on lone ranger status….

Elijah…lone ranger

Elisha…lone ranger

Abraham…lone ranger

Jacob, definitely exiled lone ranger…

David…yep, most famous Old T lone ranger, actually when you think about him, he was not simply classified as a lone ranger he was hunted by the established system, no one in our generation would do such a thing (if you believe that I have some personal history you might help me understand since my experience proves otherwise).

Jonathan with his armor bearer…so much a lone ranger the nation had to defend him when he did not get the memo about not eating all day…

John the water dunking prophet…pretty much lone ranger.

Jesus…gotta go with lone ranger label here, he moved completely OUTSIDE of the established system with his “yoke”…

Paul…most likely candidate for lone ranger of the first century church…

Peter goes to Cornelius house…ALONE and then goes home to explain his behavior…

John Wycliff…murdered for being “outside the box”, definitely lone ranger material…

Smith Wigglesworth, George Muller, Oral Roberts….

Actually to be honest…it would be easier to name those who were NOT Lone Rangers since  the number is disproportional in favor of being outside the system with your faith…

Do I really need to say anything else? Except maybe the label “Lone Ranger” might in fact be a control mechanism to keep people in the crowd from thinking for themselves…

As if being in the crowd kept you from error, or “in” Gods will…the crowd in Jerusalem condemned Jesus, because he was dangerous and said He was NOT alone…God the Father was His equal…

Next time someone tells you another person is a “Lone Ranger” you might want to actually go see if its true…if they really are then they are in good company.


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