Spin Experimental Mix


(You have to click the sound-cloud link to hear it)

This is an experimental mix from one of my last worship songs (from a congregational setting)…the song was originally more of a Celtic tune/Dave Matthews feel to it…, and I trimmed some bits off of it…I am working on a Country and Western version as well and a dubstep…

Obviously my bass triplet skills are quite rusty as well as my mixing skills, I can’t do everything so I will opt to others as I go forward…but it was fun.

The electric guitar took over as usual, my days playing metal evangelistic music haunt me every-time I pick up an electric guitar ..this was using a new pre-amp and I got quite into it and decided not to edit any of it…it is what I am.

So there…artifacts and all…worship should make us want to dance…take joy out for a spin…when we did this song it always carried a certain momentum and fun spirit with it…thats as it should be.

Small ear-buds will smear it a bit, gotta learn how to mix for in ear instead of high end headphones…

I’ve been playing guitar since I was twelve and even in high school dabbled in recording…but I sort of had to set most of it aside to raise my kids…I led worship for years and love to worship, just sit down with my guitar and compose…over the last few years I have developed a fairly exotic recording set-up since I have taught myself how to build vintage audio gear…so now I have the tools but the motive has shifted…

There’s this kind of melancholy fog that settles over me at times because my life has taken detours that I never planned on…some of the things I love and feel so comfortable in have been corrupted by a culture that turns everything into a celebrity money machine I cannot stand.

I have faith as an anchor, without my relationship with the Lord I would have lost my mind I’m sure, I love prayer, but going through a painful divorce after years of ministry, then some of the disappointments I’ve had in church life, remaining single for almost 20 years now and being quite the hopeless romantic…the artist element seems to gravitate to tragedy but my relationship with the Lord has always demanded I leave the manic depression in hell where it comes from…still…there is that empty sound and the call of the sea and the fragile nature of life’s hopes…I intentionally push my writing to joy and gladness…it is a fail-safe that keeps my artistic side holy.

Music is a different place for me…its a world I create and recreate all the time, many of my best worship songs have never been heard by anyone but the Father…there are laments that I give Him at times that are some of the most intense moments of connection in my life, no human has ever connected with me there…it seems twisted to see this as a way to make money…so I have never had the energy to really pursue it that way…

I suppose I will get around to making some of it public, since others like it and it ministers so well in a worship context…but I still haven’t decided if I will ever offer any of it for sale…probably just give it away…that way I don’t have to make it perfect.


One thought on “Spin Experimental Mix

  1. I get it, Mark. The shift in motives, the celebrity money machine (nice one), the intentionality of joy (becoming a habit), the deep calling out to deep that only the Lord will ever hear. Holiness is taking over….

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