Information vs. Justice


At the height of a construction phase I was building I actually had 14 different custom homes being built at once…it was hectic but I thrive on too much to do, so I kind of enjoyed it.

On one particular day there were 3 house foundations being poured at once, I was required to be on site for each foundation, the rule was “boots on the ground” when it is poured and roofed, everything else can be fixed, but those two were critical to insure the house was sound.

I can recall the days before when my cementero was out with his crew erecting the wooden frames in the shape of the house to come, this stage is referred to as “forming up” the house because you stake out the shape and then set up forms to pour the foundation into…

A few years ago the Lord gave me a vision of the church…in it I saw forms upon forms all over being expanded and staked out, lots and lots of houses in the set-up stage but almost no actual foundations being poured…then he took me to my house and showed me it, there it was this huge footing form and a small porch at the front that actually had cement in it…

An entire neighborhood of houses in “formation” stage…

I asked Him what it meant…he said “You think getting INFORMATION is what gives you a foundation, but its actually doing that gives you footing

(I need to add here that this was not a rebuke, the Lord was actually quite pleased with my porch and footings, he said this with a smile to show me how to build my life more, he was genuinely excited that I had a solid porch where He could stand)

It was a play on words which is typical of how the Lord actually speaks…we as the church are information hungry, which means we are constantly expanding what we know mentally, but we have very very little substance to build on because we generally don’t do much.

(The porch was my life in prayer, it was much smaller than I thought it would be and almost the only part of the house with cement in it, the other areas of footings that had cement were “worship” and connected to the porch)

This statement from Him pretty much redefined my approach to the Word of God and it wasn’t long before I saw in scripture that Jesus referred to “doing” as his meat, we often think the scriptures themselves contain the “meat” and we all have our pet teachings that we like to call “deep”, but Jesus makes it clear that meat is for those who are doing, not the ones sitting around hearing or reading…I am pretty well convinced that the meat of the kingdom cannot be received by sitting on a pew somewhere, much to the disappointment of our clergy class of leaders, you cannot “teach” maturity, it must be demonstrated and then acted upon. The book of Hebrews will tell us it is those who by reason of USE who have trained their senses, not those who have read about it and made a mental agreement.


The Lord left me with this thought “I would rather you were “In Formation“, implying the ranks of an army with each soldier in his/her place.

So once again there is an outbreak of revival happening in Wales, South Africa, I’m sure someplace in America is next…probably England as well…my friend Paul Leder ask should we all go (in a round about way)?

I need to ask what are we going to get next? Is it a touch, an impartation, an anointing, or secrets of heaven?

If its more information then it is probably another “pause” in progress…you cannot pour cement while the forms are being modified, they need to be secure and ready for the actual mortar/sand/rock/water mix before you order the trucks…cement is a funny thing…once you add water to it, you only have a small window to shape it, once it flashes off and drys it stays in the shape it is in unless you get a jack-hammer and break it up.

What if your lens of life is wrong? What if a lot of the models and shapes you admire are not at all Kingdom? Is it something God wants you to do?

When the disciples wanted a hierarchy model of guys at the top for the Kingdom, Jesus flatly said “NO” don’t do that…and yet our lens of church keeps on building this model…we have tons of books on being a leader and we actually use “information” from the world about how to be a successful leader, but Jesus called us to “follow”…and primarily follow Him.

I find almost no verses telling me how to be a leader, but a ton on being a servant, this kinda flies in the face of the popular notion we are ALL leaders…what if none of us are?

At one point Jesus said His kingdom was not of this world, or else his servants would fight…in other words power and the structure of his Kingdom are NOTHING like the Greek/Roman/Sanhedrin model we see and emulate.

I’ve actually heard several sermons praising the Roman Centurions faith because he was “under authority”, but this is not what Jesus marveled about, Jesus was not at all impressed with this mans submission, he was impressed with a faith that stepped OUT of his model of life and pursued Jesus, we actually teach the opposite in many churches saying that in order to have faith you need to submit to a leader, what kind of form are we pouring when we focus on submission to men rather than raw faith in God?

What if the church is powerless to change our culture because we’ve bottle-necked all the power to those who are “over” others…?

So we can run off to a new revival, get more “information”, but somehow it does not put us IN formation…

Paul would pray that Christ Himself be formed in us…

What would happen if we laid down the titles and name tags and simply served our brothers and sisters, both in the church, but especially in the world?

Doing instead of gathering information…

I notice that Gods throne is based on the foundation of Justice…what if justice is something we should be doing more of? What would that look like on Monday morning?

How do you build justice into your very substance?

What if Justice being done would actually change our culture, heal ur land, release people from bondage…

If the cross is where God judged sin, the devil and sickness (as the early church Father believed) then enforcing the cross would be an act of demonstrating justice.

Praying for the sick would be demanding justice on a judged illness…giving money to the widow and the poor would demonstrate faith in Gods justice on poverty…repenting for the sins of our fathers (church and other-wise) would be declaring justice to those we had wronged…and these might be the things that released something better than simple information…

Justice looks like something…

I say this as I prepare to go to a conference…go figure.

Oy Vey!


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