Incense Medley



So this is a music post…a simple recording, took about 30 minutes…primarily testing my preamp design on both guitar and vocal…

The music is stuff I wrote (with the exception of the hymns)…one of my first really personal worship songs, was a favorite in Williams and actually made it on the Foursquare worship CD…”Only in Your Presence

Only in Your Presence is my joy restored

Only in Your Presence, am I home Oh Lord

Only in Your Presence, is my life made whole

It’s only in the Presence of Jesus, the lover of my soul

   And You can have my soul Oh God, You can be my King

   I know I sometimes drift so far, but You’re the finder of lost things

   And You can have my life Oh God, each and every part

   And if you don’t mind broken things, You can have my heart.

This song was one I wrote when I decided to pen without using “Christianese”…you know how we get, using language only believers understand, I wanted something raw and from the heart…and this was the result…people seemed to relate to it a lot, still a favorite of mine…most people have no idea where the music came from…it was a doodle I wrote for my dad after he died…I wanted something to honor him so it was a rather difficult chord progression when I first wrote it, it stretched my ability by now however I can play it in my sleep and often do.

The second tune is called “Here“…again a song abut His Presence, I mess up the chorus a bit but only those people who have sang it before will catch the disorder, I wont mention any names Bob.

Its more of a waltz…Dave Nenne helped me realize I write a lot of stuff in a waltz mode…I suppose its my love of dancing…Dave was such a help in worship, keeping time and my odd mis-rhythmic starts aligned to something more real…I learned later that even in my own songs my timing is a direct result of my current mood…often I would start songs completely out of whack and turn to Dave and say “How do we play this? He would smile and remind me of how to play my own songs…I miss worshiping with him and the team there, it was always great fun, and I did my best to make it lively fun and free…often goofing more than most people could handle…and there were others on team whole took me to a whole new place…but alas it is a different season.

Here in your Presence Joy everlasting

Here in your Presence my soul is at rest

Here in our Presence I don’t care what you’re asking

The answer I give will be yes

You only will give me the best

So come dwell with your people

Come dance with Your children

Our hearts have been aching for You

We’ve heard You are mighty

We’ve seen You are able

There’s nothing that You cannot do…

We put all of our trust into You…


This was what I call a “trap” song…it was written intentionally to get people to say “yes’ to whatever the Lord asks them…they often don’t know what they are singing until its to late, but I wanted songs that got people saying yes to Him…it helps.

It was also a phase where I was tired of naming my songs so I used simple one word titles…

I finish it out with the music of some new stuff from the wilderness suite, a tune called Bet Din…which mean the bench of three…its part of the courts of heaven…no words available yet…

As usual it is unedited, fairly raw, added a little verb to give it some depth, but other than that it is what I sang and played in one quick take, that’s why the lyrics got fumbled a bit…but worship music to me was always a live unedited event…fairly challenging unless your team had been together for years…which we had…Dave was amazing at being able to read where I was going, remarkable musician…


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