The Sound of Gods eyes…


This man in the picture is Sergio, we will get back to him in a minute…he is one of the most beautiful sons I have have ever met. (you can click on the picture to biggify)


When we arrived for the first meeting we were ushered to the front and given seats like celebrities, something that I was a little uncomfortable with…but later I understood as the attempt to honor us as guests…my preconceived notions of what “church” would be like were not really to far from the reality, I expected a high level of joy and praise and Leann had told us the worship team was top-notch, but I was unprepared for how good they really were.

I’ve led worship, been on teams and had bands for nearly 30 years so I know immediately when a team is “tight” by how fluid they are with one another, this worship team (which was led by a 26 year old Pastor and song-writer) was probably one of the best teams I have ever seen together, they changed instruments seamlessly, I saw at least 3 different people play the one keyboard, with musicians alternating and filling in other spots, running the computer for the overheads, switching from Djembe to drums, to guitar to keys, all without the slightest bit of distraction…unless of course you were a musician and knew how difficult the invisible transitions actually were.

(To get the music they do here is the iTunes: Cuba Te Canta )

I was immediately drawn to the bass player, his ability was clearly professional, but he played in such an unassuming posture, and the entire worship time his eyes were closed, he would get subtle little clues from the keyboardist who would gently tap his elbow or arm…later I would hear his story but for the moment I could not help but be drawn to him and recognized something of a kindred spirit inside this man, I did not know what it was but it made me weep even before I met him.

So here’s the story related to me from the Worship leader himself:

The worship team had a problem…the bass player had found a job opportunity that required him and his wife would no longer be available for the team, so the rest of the team went to the head leader to ask for advice…”Do we try and find a bass player”, they asked…”No I think we just wait on God and see what He does” this was the advice they heard and followed…

A few days later they were practicing and heard a knock at the door…they stopped playing and opened the door to find Sergio standing there…”Can I just come in and listen? he asked…

“Of course” and they made him feel at home and welcome…

Enter Sergio:

Sergio was a bass player, Rastafarian, with dreads and beads in his hair, also deeply into Santeria, the demonic blend of African/Haitian voodoo religion with Catholicism…his life was a mess, he had been promised a world of travel and success but the reality was he was continually ripped off, lied to and had tried on three separate occasions to commit suicide, throwing himself in front of trains or drinking himself to death. His practice in Santeria was well known and many came to him for spells and visions which he was adept at…but he was hopeless.

Later as they began to talk to him they found out he was homeless living on the street, hungry, hurting and needing more than anything to discover the love of His Father that was waiting to explode upon him from this group of worshipers…

I heard the story of Sergio’s deliverance firsthand from Eddie who was the primary worship leader, but Eddies main passion is *Sozo ministry…there were amazing events and remarkable healing that took place as the Lord restored His lost son to his true identity.

Sergio the Son

Sergio is now a prophet…Eddie loves to team up with him in deliverance and Sozo ministry, and to be fair Eddie is one of the most wise and powerful deliverance ministries I have ever met, he has tracked with all the healing and deliverance teachings and has a passion for it unlike anyone I have met, he loves to see people delivered and set free…but what he soon discovered was that Sergio could see very clearly in the spiritual realm…his prophetic words were incredibly accurate, clear and concise, going so far as to name dates and places where events would happen…and when it came to deliverance issues all Eddie needed to do was call Sergio over and ask him what he saw…almost without fail, Sergio could see simple pictures, resentment trapped in a persons heart, a zipper sealed where there was unforgiveness, subtle but accurate pictures that always led to immediate and dramatic release and deliverance.

In the physical realm Sergio is almost completely blind…but his vision in the Spirit is uncanny and accurate…

Sergio now has his own home, a wife, a job but most of all a hope…

Sergio is the sound of Gods eyes…a gentle soul full of compassion, who was blind but now can see…but what he see’s must be converted to sound…much like the sound in our Fathers eyes.

So let me ask you this…what kind of gospel are we believing?

Here was one of Gods sons, a prophet by design and an amazing musical gift living in the gutter, suicidal, homeless and alcoholic, without hope, harassed by demons on a daily basis…and the sound of worship called him home…

Are we believing in a gospel that see’s Gods kids as refugees looking for home, or sinners opposing our agenda?

And if our gospel is one of bigness, what are we doing with it? How is the sound of Gods eyes getting into the ears of lost sons like Sergio?

I would never guilt anyone into sharing the good news…but when I met this precious brother, this kindred spirit, my heart was instantly knit with his and I wept that night when I discovered that this brother of mine had lived on the street unaware of his rights as a son…


As a musician and an artist, and as someone who has gone through the prophetic wilderness I can testify of the deep deep depression that comes with this package…I can remember times of turning off the phone, pulling up the covers and locking the door for days unable to move or function because of the overwhelming dark depression that made every thought a mountain and every emotion a storm…but I could never imagine it without the Lord, or on the street or inside a bottle…the grace of heaven spared my life knowing I was much to fragile for that encounter…so when I saw in Sergio my own experience we both immediately wept and his broken English he said what my heart was shouting “Brother”…

How precious on the mountains are the feet of them…who bring the sound of Gods love and His affectionate gaze to sons and daughters wandering far from home.

How can I remain in my safe place when my brothers are not home?

My brothers in arms… in song and spirit…this is the sound in Gods eyes…

“For the love of Christ compels me…”written by another brother nearly 2000 years ago.

One final note…Sergio prophesied over me…things I was unprepared to hear…things there was no way he could have known, he read my mail and my future and delivered it with a smile…things deep in my heart that only God could access…and frankly I could not have asked for a better messenger…a brother worlds apart by culture and history, but of the same wild olive branch grafted in to the domestic vine in our Fathers house.

*Sozo is the name of the deliverance ministry probably most popular in Bethel circles, it is a ministry devoted to healing but wrapped up in dignity for the individual.


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