All you need…

I am a bit of a music nut…I have loved music since I was young…when I was first a teenager the Beatles were still together…it was the White Album I learned to play guitar to…so they have remained a major musical influence in my life…

“All you need is love” they told us…then they broke up…apparently they either had not enough love or didnt need what they did have…

But you cannot discount the truth of that statement…it really is all we need.

I like looking into our origins…the garden story…the innocence, the fall, the trauma that is what we know now, often as I speculate about how far we have fallen I wonder what might have been.

Can you imagine the sense of identity you would have, now, knowing that your origin and entire lineage could be traced back to the first family of love, Ish and Isha (Adam and later Eve named after the fall)? Imagine being part of the extended garden of God as it covered the entire planet with no trace left of the “satan”… your birth would have been celebrated as the new expression of Gods face in humanity, unseen before you came, thousands would have cheered your entrance into the world and the angels would have been there ministering as flaming servants to announce yet again “God is Holy, and so beautiful, look at His face in this new child!”…

Every person born would be a celebration of Gods manifold and unique creative ability and every person living (which would be all ever born) would laugh and rejoice in wonder as you grew up expressing Gods amazing identity in your smile, your laugh, your kindness, your strength…all would be the manifold expression of the incarnation, God is in us…

I know its ideal, but track with me just a minute longer…there would never have been any insecurity, no need for empires or any sense of confusion, no one would compete for place, because all would belong all would be secure in the uniqueness of who they were, all would be equally celebrated and all would know from the core of their souls they were loved.

Peace would be the normal state of things, contentment and joy as much a part of the morning as coffee is now, fellowship and laughter, food and achievement would be as normal and common as the sunrise…a family that was a kingdom, a royal lineage, but most of all just love…

We would never have doubted or remained in the void about how much we were truly loved by our Creator Daddy…

This lack of doubt would have fueled our sense of adventure so far past what we now know it would make our technology today seem primitive…what could YOU accomplish if you had no fear and knew you would not fail?

How far could you go in a few short years if you knew beyond any other known reality that you were loved and had value beyond measure?

All you need is love…really…that is all you need…


One thought on “All you need…

  1. Love!
    When I first started reading I had a sense of loss/grief over what has been lost, what should have been but that isn’t the correct response, as I got to the bottom I knew that the response for me is Hope and perhaps faith that it is possible.
    Jesus has come to show us the truth of our identity, our lineage, the celebration of our existence, the image of God reflected in us, this was the plan and this is still the plan, love is all you need to see all that we want to see….
    Thanks Mark!

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