Busy as a bee…Bee still…


So…I’m trying to get a new pre-amp design finalized and circuit boards proto-typed…as well as doing some recording for a fairly big shot producer in LA, and hoping to get my guitar on an upcoming worship album…

When I am hiding from that I am learning to write apps for cross platform mobile devices as well as the web…part of my business plan to always be moving forward…also trying to sort out how to get heavy things onto an island that we have a trade embargo with, nothing illegal, simply trying to get recording gear and transportation devices across a 98 mile stretch of ocean cheaply and “legally” which might require a cultural exchange license(which is another project of course).

Still recording my own worship album and now a soaking album but I keep coming up with new ideas so its hard for me to stay focused until it gets finished since I add the kitchen sink to it, and then decide “Hey what this needs is an app!” and then I start writing a new app….

All the while the Lord keeps speaking “Be still…” which is a place not a pace…so this requires that I get away…go on a prayer walk (mostly just hang out with papa-God)…today He told me that treasure can be found anywhere, its not WHERE you look but HOW…He then proceeded to give me an idea to help my best friends in business…so there’s that…it looks to be a lot of fun and they seem excited as well!

As far as writing, my book on divorce has taken a strange turn and I feel like I am supposed to write it primarily for women…due to much of the material I have discovered in scripture and the patriarchal model that has oppressed Gods design in the church…also writing on the joys of prayer which involves my journey in crafted prayer, protocol in the courts of Heaven and understanding the mystical/spiritual realm…and just recently I felt the Lord wants me to write a short book on kingdom wealth, it is unlike any book on money since it deals with creating income from nothing…something I feel the Lord has taught me…

But my relaxing project is this…a children’s book…

I want to write a series of children’s books (any illustrators out there that want to help please let me know!) on our identity in Christ, focusing on the Incarnation and how God became a man and identified with us forever…its a rough start…but all starts generally are…obviously I am trying to capture the emotions of a child, the questions and trauma of the day they might encounter, which is no less traumatic than what we face…anyway enjoy:

Does God really see what its like to be me?

Does He have songs to sing, or does He just like to swing?

Does God have a nose? Does He dress up in clothes?

Does He laugh when He runs? Does He like to have fun?

If God’s really real, does He know how it feels,

To be born really small, did He learn how to crawl?

Does God like to think, “There’s a FISH in my drink!”

When He’s with older folks does He like to make jokes?

If God had a box, would He keep fancy rocks?

Does He have favorite toys just like most girls and boys?

Does God get confused, when He puts on his shoes?

Has He ever sat down, just to trade them around?

I think God really knows, how it feels in my clothes,

The God who is real, has a feeler that feels.

God can tell when I’m sad, when I’m grumpy or glad.

If God knows how I’m made then He knows what to say.

And if God really see’s what its like to be me…

Then I think He would smile and come play for awhile.


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