jesus heals a blind man 2

I grew up in a very Pentecostal background, we reached for the anointing oil long before we reached for aspirin…so much so my own kids never think to go to the hospital until the very last minute.

Besides being one who believes in a holistic life in general, exercise and sunshine, healthy lifestyle, it seems rather inconsiderate at best to live careless and then ask God to heal you.

In example when I hit fifty, I, like all my friends, got that incandescent inner tube around my middle…it made me look like an upright python who had swallowed a basketball since I am generally thin to begin with…everyone told me “It’s just life” and I stood there for a while pondered my fate and said “Not today sucker”.

I changed my diet, began living a more intentional lifestyle even fasting more…within three months I had eliminated my need for larger sized jeans and felt better.

Which brings me to my first point:

healing is much better lived as a lifestyle than as a crisis management service…there is a better way to live than in pain all the time.

Now I am aware that not everyone has a metabolism that allows for body change, and this also translates into “soul-ology”, not everyone can simply “overcome” or “Sozo” their way into a healthy self awareness and connection with others.

I am also aware that there are many many people who live with chronic pain, I would never want to imply that you can simply “believe” away your pain or that it is simply a mindset, this is not what I believe so please do not hear that…I cannot imagine the frustration and life drain of living with any chronic condition, it boggles the mind how people do it, they have my respect…but I do want them healed.

I’ve done the Sozo stuff, for those of you who do not know Sozo is a very intense Charismatic inner healing tool to get past very deep childhood and life trauma by letting the Holy Spirit direct the counseling session…I have seen people have break-through and I have seen people go through it like a hamster on a  rotating wheel, needing more and more sessions to get to the root.

To be fair I have done the in depth training and participated in enough sessions to know what I am talking about, some of it is helpful but much like the pharmaceutical industry there is a cottage industry of inner healing that creates a cycle of dependency on emotional drugs and intercession, and I am not using that word lightly, our own bodies have the capacity to create the most powerful drugs we can take, if you doubt that try adrenalin or watch a young man going through puberty. Sozo like every other inner healing or professional psychological process depends on our own souls to do the heavy lifting of being healed…fitting into society or relationships requires a standard of behavior that is self controlled, when you cannot do that society introduces drugs and the church introduces its own version of drugs.

Both have value…make no mistake about it, just like I would never ever diminish what medical science is doing to bring healing to human biology, I believe Sozo-like methods and social adaptive professionals have a very important part to play in our current journey towards wholeness.

Sozo has it’s uses but at the end of the day it is simply a deliverance tool.

And this brings me to my second point,:

I believe from my years and years of intense study of physical healing (from John Lake to John Wimber) and my experience of every inner healing movement since Derek Prince and Don Basham helped restore deliverance ministry to the church (among others) that the primary cause of most physical and emotional diseases is demonic…not all but easily the lions share.

Because of this, as part of a holistic emotional lifestyle, John Lake and Kenneth Hagin are part of my normal routine of devotional reading…my book list ALWAYS has something in remembrance of the miraculous to inspire my faith…if nothing else I read a chapter of “Ever Increasing Faith”…and the consensus I have accumulated in both personal experience and prolonged study is a growing body of truth that we have an enemy who is an alien force to our nature and our physiology and the fastest cure is expulsion.

Now before I go on…lets stand back and look at that argument from a purely “non-religious” mindset…I have just suggested that there is something or “someone” on the planet that invades our lives in both emotional social environments as well as physically.

From dental pain to OCD and split personality disorders, there is a good chance it is a spirit, a devil a demon, or mindset, whatever your particular world view is comfortable with, it probably is not your fault you are in pain, and even if it is, the pain is being caused by something you were not born to carry, it is alien and needs to go.

Of course from a non-Western mindset this is old hat, most cultures closer to the myth origins of life believe in a three tier world plane, while we in the West generally adhere to simply two-tiers, the “known” and the “unknown” , that which science can prove and the other arena that contains everything from miracles to Bigfoot and UFO’s.

Go into the bush in Africa or a village in Ecuador and they will tell you people get sick because of evil spirits, it’s only in our enlightened paradigm that we have eliminated this, primarily because we cannot see it on a slide tray under a microscope.

This is where I am going to break from a linear logical explanation and just cut to the chase:

No matter what you believe about life, there is no denying that truth has more power to bring healing and freedom than anything else in our world…

Let that filter through for a minute…and you can see the obvious truth in it…

Lets take cancer as an example…my little brother died from an aggressive form of cancer, and I prayed and fasted for his healing, he believed for his own healing, we used every avenue of truth at our disposal and the end result was not favorable to us, he died much younger than Gods will for him, I have no doubt of that, and he died after the first chemo treatment came back and the Doctor said “Go home die in peace or die in treatment, we cannot help you”.

On a cellular level Johns death was a lie that his physical body could not shake a lie that came in the form of cancer cells invading healthy organs and no amount of science could change it at the time.

The lie manifest in this reality, we do now yet know how to cure it, there is a scientific explanation for what causes and cures it and our ignorance is simply everything we do not know about the truth yet…we live in the darkness but when the truth comes the lie will be obvious, because when the truth comes a light comes on and the lie is exposed.

If you simply jump over into a purely academic approach, using nothing more than biology and science…the truth remains we are very close to cracking the cancer code, it is my belief it will be cured in my lifetime, whether by discovery of diet, causes or cures, cancer has a limited operational future on our planet…and the cure will be simply truth.

We will discover the truth about what causes and what cures it and when we do, it is done.

In our Western model we assume we simply do not know, but that is not exactly a Biblical worldview, the more accurate perspective is that we are currently living in darkness about our healing, when the truth comes we will be free.

In the meantime, Jesus as the truth has a very good track record of healing cancer without science, because ultimately every disease or every social condition can be cured by Him and he makes the claim to not simply know the truth but also to be the truth.

If this is true in the physical realm, it is true in the emotional and social realm, every bit of pain in your life can be cured by some kind of truth.

Financial, emotional, physical, relational…every place that darkness has some kind of dominion will be cured when the truth of Gods provision invades.

So stand back a minute…look at the landscape I have just painted…there is something alien in our world and it is destructive to both health and life, it is a parasite that destroys hope, happiness and joy, and the cure is quite simple, it is Jesus who is the truth…

So no matter what you believe about the fall, about sin, about the consequences of bad behavior and the causes thereof, the cure is right in front of us and it is a person who calls himself Truth…

Truth is healing…healing releases life, life brings freedom…you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.

Now to take this off the page, to the next level so to speak…reverse the whole thing for a minute…lets start with he finished product, imagine yourself or anyone else you know who is in pain as completely whole, healed and restored…the reality that gets them there is the Truth as Jesus…so this informs the Incarnation, the birth of the Messiah…

Jesus is simply us in the healed and whole version.

When you see it, it can transform you…so when I read that “By his stripes I am healed”…I have to believe that I am in the equation somewhere…

He carried MY PAINS, MY DISEASES…and it was for a brief moment…three times in the New Testament this verse is used in direct connection to our physical healing being brought to us by Him, the Truth becoming our sin and sickness…

And it’s right there, right on the tip of my tongue…I cannot quite place my exact finger on it, but I am convinced that when we see it we will be whole…

Let’s remember the Biblical worldview that living in darkness is not a passive event, it is believing a lie about ourselves…

Jesus came as us…and He was whole…when I know this truth, I will be free…and so will you.

When you see the Truth about yourself…you will be healed…and Jesus came to reveal that very thing..He comes to show us the truth about ourselves…wholeness is ours, we are just in the dark about it.

In a final thought…if truth can set you free…and the truth is we are whole…then “expulsion”, deliverance, Sozo or inner healing really should not be that much work…if it is you’re doing it wrong.

You drive out darkness with light…not effort.

As usual your mileage may vary.


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