Hey, Hey, Hey!



Creation dream, some insane sculptor scooping out space with planets and neutron stars exploding gold dust scattered across a galaxy or two…

A multitude of Angelic monoliths  peering over shoulder to shoulder in wonder at the swirling sea of chaos as the gentle feather wind begins to stir over the top of a murky fragmented mess of dark sea stained sickness.

The storm cannot hide from the smallest breath of this glowing wing sweeping change upon the surface of the angry and rebellious waves, giving way like the open arms of a child, calm emerges and reflects the glow of dawn.

Standing clothed with humility was this crazy figure jumping from tooth to tooth in a Dragons open mouth, the tongue of lies derelict and silent draped across a pile of empty chains.

Hey, Hey, Hey! He shouts in the voice that can only be described as total joy in…

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