(For those of you expecting my response to last years Great Awakening post, it is coming, I just thought I’d give the prophets a few more days for the benefit of the doubt)

I had a dream this week, it was interesting because I had a faceless, nameless guide whom I recognise as the Holy Spirit, it was what I would like to consider “forth-telling” in that it suggest something that is happening/has happened/will happen but I cannot put my finger on it, I just sort of sense it is real.

I’m not sure how much that passes as “prophetic” in modern Christianity really is, there are several camps, some look at the prophet speaking to power as the real prophetic…others look at eschatology for it…and still others see it as kind of telling the future in a charismatic kind of way…this will really be none and all of those since it was a dream.

First the dream, then my thoughts.

It was really a simple and rather short dream, but in it I saw this huge “globe” over the earth, it looked like perfect crystal but it wasn’t…then the finger of God came and simply touched it and the globe/covering/dome shattered into millions of little pieces, what was amazing was it was very much like safety glass, small harmless pieces broken all over the world…but the interesting thing about it was it wasn’t glass at all it was water…but they retained a semi-solid sort of form that you could handle…

The glass/water/crystal broke at power centers…like if you were to take a baseball bat to a windshield you have the initial impact spot where things spider away from…windshield/safety glass is specifically designed to break into very small harmless pieces, but until it breaks away it has this impact spot where the damage clouds the transparency…where ever the hardest impact is the transparency is always the worst…once the entire thing shattered transparency was completely unhindered…

So get this picture in your head, a giant dome-like crystal covering gets impacted by the finger of God and shatters into millions of pieces of living water that are small and scattered all over the world…pieces that you can hold in your hand and become living water, yet all part of the same “crystal sea like glass” before the throne in heaven…thats the dream…each piece distinct and clear yet part of a whole, no longer “over” humanity but instead within the grasp of humanity.

There’s a ton of things I could point to in the dream that are significant, the lack of transparency until impacted by the “Finger of God” (which is a metaphor for the Holy Spirit)…

It reminds me of the Genesis narrative where the waters above are divided by the waters beneath and then later on in the Noah vignette the waters “above” are broken up…

A fun “mechanical” read of Genesis 7:11 in the Hebrew says this: “In the year of 600 years to the life of Rest (No’ahh) in the second new moon in the seventeenth day to the new moon, in this day all the springs of the deep sea cleaved abundantly and the chimneys of the sky had been opened, and the rain showers existed upon the land forty days and forty nights”

My take-aways are simple…the finger of God touches over the power centers and the immediate result is a lack of transparency, if you were to watch it in slow motion it is a gentle touch but as pressure is applied it eventually causes a “breakthrough” (and no not the charismatic kind more of a point of no return kind)…right up until the dome can longer support the pressure it maintains it’s connection and covering, but once it happens the pieces that make up the dome are all equal but separate, all within the grasp of humanity, all living water and available…

I find it interesting that the pieces which were actually living water, did not become drops of water but retained the “safety glass” shape until someone picked them up in hand…once they were in the palm of the hand they became water.

Now here’s what I think it points to…in my understanding of Cosmology God has always had parallel paths of “spirit and truth”…this has always been the Fathers intention for humanity, worship as part of our DNA but both in pneuma and ontology…breath and body, water and blood, heaven and earth, these are all metaphors scripture uses to describe realities that are bigger than our consciousness is capable of grasping…so the dome in some capacity represents humanity and the power of God working with us…

Wherever power is “over” humanity Gods Spirit is interested in “breaking” that and releasing power back into the hands of people…whether that is in science and technology or government and community, even on to church leadership and ecclesiology.

Because of my own close proximity to certain charismatic centers of cultural power I noticed that it was in those places the finger placed it’s pressure first, I saw the reactions of leaders/pastors/etc as they tried at first to maintain the dome’s “authority” only to watch as they all ended up equal in smaller portions like everyone else…it’s hard to explain…it was not a power struggle or even a fight to keep the machine running, it was simply a touch from God that demolished the whole thing and could not be denied…many were even laughing about it…because ultimately it placed power back into their own hands, power to be human again.

(Just a side note I expect you can see more and more teaching of submission to “favor” and financial giving/tithing as memes in the next few years, financial stewardship to the organisation will be a requirement of mentoring and leadership, empire will demand it)

The phrase that came into my mind as I thought about the dream (half awake) was “Quantum parallel power”…now for those of you who do not track much with computer technology something I have been interested in is parallel computing…I currently have been investigating using video cards for computing because our primary CPU’s have almost maxed out how fast they can go (Most modern computers are very close to microwave speeds in the main processor, there is actually a physical limit to how fast they can go)…

Most of you reading this will be doing it on some kind of computing device that is probably in the speed of 1-3 Ghz…and some of you are using “Dual-cores” meaning you have at least two separate computer chips doing this…(a “core” is a single processor, right now two are standard but there are chips that have many more) but all processes like word documents or web pages or math stuff all goes through the two main processors…and so that is why they are incredibly fast…but the gaming industry has developed a separate path for all the heavy graphics on the Xbox/Playstations/Wii’s/Etc…they do most of the heavy computing on a bunch of smaller computers inside the graphics card, so instead of needing a super powerful single/dual chip they can get by with an average speed because they distribute the computing needs to many, many single slower processors that work together, each one doing a single job instead of a super-duper chip doing everything.

Most people have heard of the super computers that can do billions of computations in micro seconds and cost millions of dollars to build and use…but what most people don’t know is that parallel computing can do the same kinds of things for 100’s times less the cost by using thousands of smaller computers…this is the idea behind many of the programs looking for alien life in outer space of “cloud computing”…many thousands of less powerful computers linked together each one doing it’s own job is much more powerful than one or two super computers…”Big Blue” cost millions of dollars to build, but now you can build a computer that can do almost the same kind of computing for about $10,000 by using multiple core processors in parallel.

This is the path forward for humanity, distributed smaller power in the hands of everyone, both in faith and science, spirit and truth, heaven on earth.

It started with the cross which was the finger of God breaking the powers and principalities that had been over humanity for ages…it continues even now…

Think about it…look for it…and watch it manifest…the church is next in my opinion and not a day to soon I might add.


One thought on “Anthrodome

  1. Wow that puts a whole new slant on the research I am doing. The fancy title is “Mainstreaming participatory development in rural Latvia and Estonia,” which means basically putting the power back into the hands of the people in developing the areas they live and work in. Not sure at this moment where what I’m doing fits into this, but somehow it feels like it does. Not sure it helps my concentration or focus at the moment either – so gee thanks for that! 😀

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