When Jesus pee’s in your car

Recently my youngest daughter posted a facebook status about taking her dog for a walk late evening…she noticed a girl passed out on the side of the street, apparently to drunk to even get home…Ariel decided to help her and long story short she found a way to get the girl home but in the process the inebriated dame pee’d in Ariels brand new car…

Lots of people commented on her act of kindness, but truthfully she was kind of complaining about the pee and inconvenience of the late night episode…I immediately thought of the good Samaritan story…do we imagine that a guy beaten by violent men was completely without a mess? I wonder if he had compete control of his bowels after being beaten and left for dead…?

What about giving a drink of water or visiting the prisoners that Jesus says will determine if you get “eternity affecting bliss” or “eternity affecting burn”…the whole sheep and goats vignette says absolutely NOTHING about your doctrine and what prayer you prayed while every eye was closed, instead it suggest your destination is determined by how you treat “the least of these”.

(If you are still in the hell cheering fanclub do us all a favor and look at a few things, first when in his ministry did Jesus talk about it? Who was he talking to? And what did he mean by it? and get off your duff and watch Kevin Millers Hellbound)

The least of these are messy.

They pee in your car.

They throw up in your living room or on your couch (I have had many a drunk young man stay over when my girls were in school and I got the call “Can so and so sleep it off at our house?”…the answer is always yes.)

Not all “least of these” folks are pleasant…I had one homeless guy whom we fed and let stay for a week begin to deride me and yell at me because I would not cancel my commitments and drive him to another town to meet up with a friend…my girls stepped in and told him to shut up…and I had to help him leave…I got him a motel room and gave him some money…but never felt guilty about it like he tried to make me.

I once paid for a week in a motel for a guy who was stranded and claimed to be a believer who later told me he was in fact Jesus Christ come the second time, why was I not worshipping him? He was not kidding and not completely well, but preferred to get back on the road and live under the overpasses…


Thats what it looks like.

I like how my friend Michael Hardin describes sin, “Sin is how we manage our pain” (And he says he heard it elsewhere)…

I think we each one of us get so used to our own pain that we fail to see everyone else is in just as much pain at some point…my own natural father died an Alcoholic…THAT is where I would have been if God had not let me pee in His car…

Pee in your car…thats Jesus, and frankly he’s not embarrassed about it, he gladly claims it, he says “Do it for them, it counts as to me”…

I think this also says a lot about the incarnation…Jesus came into our pain with a very human bladder…and made wine…go figure.

As usual your mileage may vary.


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