Home (or something like it)


Ok, so this post is basically about the first country song I have recorded (of my own)…

I wrote the song about 10-15 years again as a challenge artistically to only use 2 chords for an entire song…which I pulled off, but recently I was going through my catalog of journals and came across it and thought, “oh yeah this is fun” so I pulled it out and dusted it off…it needed one more chord for the bridge…but essentially it only has 2 colors of chords so it’s naturally a bit monochrome…enter me…

I write a lot, creating is how I unwind and vege…so I ended up playing parts (pretending)…

The piano player (me) is no longer speaking to me since the engineer (me) cut out all his parts…same thing with the banjo player who in a huff knocked over a cup of coffee on his way out (empty, thankfully)…

The vocalist (me) got into a shouting match with the engineer(me), it was quite ugly for about 3 hours with them yelling back and forth at each other, using the F word abundantly and being basically asses towards each other…fortunately it was late at nite in an iso booth so no one but me heard it…

We suspect the bass player and the harmonica player (both me) were drunk which is curious since neither of them drink, but they were all over the map with their parts often drifting completely off script into different songs…the mix engineer (me) basically looked at me and said “You’re fucking kidding right?” and sent it back to the tracking engineer (me) who had not slept and made huge mistakes in microphone selection to begin with…

There are only 2 guitar parts…just two…one acoustic and one electric…I feel really bad for the electric guitarist (he’s the guy in the picture, yes it is current) he is still sitting on the couch between the tape deck and the outboard rack expecting anytime the engineer will tell him “Ok now you can play that blazing lead you’ve been waiting on” we basically had to keep telling him (me) that “Wait your part is coming up, just play something simple until then…he looked like a sad puppy when we left…probably still there…

The amps, preamps, compressors and even computer were built by “Iomegaman” (me) so that’s why he required we upload to his soundcloud account since we have not paid him a dime for his gear…he’s quite patient but kind of a tool…(user)…

Anyway here’s the lyric from off my head, if they are different from the recorded version don’t tell the songwriter (me) he’s very sensitive and quite anal about things being exactly as he wrote them (even if the timing is all whacked) he apparently is good friends with the vocalist because no matter how we tried to adjust timing, the vocal guy kept singing things wrong…Oy vey whadda ya gonna do?

There’s the dangerous way that your eyes light up when I’ve really made you mad

But I know if I can make you laugh that it won’t turn out all bad

And the first one to bed has to put out the lights, that’s the way the game is played

Unless of course I get there first and you’ll pretend you’re not awake…


    Cause home is more than just four walls with a view, 

    Home’s that special place between me and you

    Home is more than just some pictures on a wall, 

    Home’s the sound that your heart makes when I call I call you home

Sometimes it’s me, sometimes it’s you, then it’s me again

And the circle of our history it makes the portrait of a friend

You laugh when I cry I cry when you laugh and there’s always in-between

I pretend like you can’t read my mind when you tell me what I mean



Some folks think of heaven like some mansion on a hill, 

But that idea never worked for me and I guess it never will

Cause what I want no angel can touch, not even in a country mile

Heaven for me is when  see the devil in your smile


I wonder what the other folks do I wonder how they get along

Cause nothign”ive sen beats you and me, there’s nothing quite this strong

With our breakfast in bed and the books that we’ve read and all the dust that we’ve walked through

Makes it hard to see, did you find me or babe did I find you?


End the song somehow…

The song is not about any particular girl/woman…basically just my projection of what a relationship might look like if it was healthy…

The girl’s voice laughing in the track is a friend of mine I recorded a few years ago, she was making a worship album and she is really a great singer but was nervous so I kept making her laugh…I kept the tape rolling as a general rule…you always sing better when you are laughing or have laughed…90% of all really good recording is making the artist feel comfortable enough to naturally give their best performance…hence the train wreck for this particular band…they may never get back together…the animosity was off the charts…it’s a wonder they haven’t killed one another…

Not my typical style of music, although I do write exactly like this…and no I am not schizophrenic…

And neither are we…


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